Multiposition adjustment

Multi-position saddle and handlebar adjustment to personalise and adapt the machine to different users and guarantee optimum exercising position.


Minimum pedalling width, for a more natural movement when pedalling.

LCD monitor

LCD monitor displays RPM, speed, calories, distance and pulse.

Regular Price: £869.00

Special Price: £652.00


Chain drive system for a similar feeling to a road bike.

Lower handlebar

Allows to copy the pedaling position of a road bike.


Road bike saddle for a more real feeling when you are training.

mixed pedals

Pedals with toe clips and automatics especials for intensive trainings.

Maximum recommended user weight




Brake system


Features BT Aero Bicycling training H9175TVE


BT Aero Bicycling training H9175TVE
Use frequency Regular
Maximum user weight 105Kg
Flywheel (kg) 18
Braking system Friction
Transmission Chain
Flywheel cover -
Handlebar Road
Saddle type Prostatic saddle
Handlebars adjustement Horizontal and Vertical
Seat adjustment Horizontal and vertical
Pedals Mixed
Distance between saddle and pedals (max) 105
Transport wheels Yes
Length 104
Width 64
Height (cm) 107
Weight 46Kg

Price A partir de £652.00

Assembly and Downloads

ASSEMBLY BT Aero Bicycling training H9175TVE


Assembly manual


Monitor manual




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