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Cardio machines

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  • Pioneer R7 G6586
    Pre-Order £899.00
    • 130 Kg
    • 20 Km/h
    • 140x51
    Pioneer R7 G6586
  • Pioneer R7 TFT G6586TFT
    Pre-Order £1,099.00
    • 140 Kg
    • 20 Km/h
    • 140x51
    Pioneer R7 TFT G6586TFT
  • F4 Dual G6426N

    Regular Price: £1,043.00

    Special Price: £869.00

    • 130Kg
    • 1-20Km/h
    • 140x51
    F4 Dual G6426N
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Cardiovascular exercise is enormously beneficial for your heart, lungs and circulatory system.

Choose your favourite machine from our wide range of treadmills, stationery bikes, crosstrainers, indoor cycling bicycles and rowing machines.

Start training and keep a healthy lifestyle.